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It looks like Metro Manila’s spared from the brunt of Pepeng/Parma. But I have no idea if Pepeng’s past its closest point to the Metro (pero I think so, PAG-ASA locates it relative to Aparri already) but so far, in our area, it’s just light rain (though medyo constant) and grey skies. The worst thing so far is that it caused MASSIVE panic-buying, made volunteers keep to the safety of their homes. It’s also a bad news for areas still affected (or easily) with floods.

Pepeng appears to be veering much to the north. Hope the Filipinos in the northern provinces will be prepared enough as NDCC claims. Cross our fingers for zero or low number of casualty and damage. If it does devastate northern regions, this will split the resources of the government (no matter how useless it portrays itself) and other civil/society efforts.

UPDATE: Ok, so now there are some gusts of wind.